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John's version:

Our story goes way back: literally. Both of our fathers grew up in the same area. Lora's grandfather, Dr. Marc, just happened to be my grandparents’ family doctor for many years, and as such they became good friends. It was an exciting connection to make when Lora moved to California decades later.

Lora moved to California the same month I came home from serving my mission in Peru for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The first time I saw her was at a church function, and I was instantly smitten with her. Lora worked at the same elementary school as my older sister and I would find myself going over to the school a lot to “help my sister.” Lora and I soon became friends, and we would frequently hang out and go on trips together with a group of mutual friends.

One night after 9 months of being friends, I was at Lora’s classroom helping her with classroom projects and we talked until midnight. After that night, we saw each other almost every day until we got married 6 months later. We have been happily married since November of 2005--thirteen years!!

Lora's version:

At the school where I was teaching, the second grade teacher became a good friend. A while later I met her younger brother, John, at church. I thought he was a good looking fellow, but didn’t think much beyond that. He has since admitted that he noticed me from the first week. We saw each other at church activities and other goings-on and discovered a mutual fascination with pirates (coincidence? I think not.), but still nothing happened.

Things really started picking up the last week of school. John came to my classroom twice to help assemble portfolios and vacuum the carpet. His service really impressed me and piqued my interest. The second night we stood by my car and talked until late. The rest is basically history.

His whole family loves me, and have been plotting our demise...I mean, marriage, from the very beginning. Everyone knew we were getting married before I did, everyone knew about the ring before I did, everyone knew I would say yes before I did. John’s dad threatened John that if he didn't marry me, he would kick John out and adopt me. For five days of the summer I went to Girl's Camp as a counselor with John's sister. While I was there I received mail from every member of the family, and at least two letters from John.

Thirteen years, three kids, two moves, and a mortgage payment later, we are still so happy to be together and this man can still make me laugh my guts out!

OUR STORY: TeamMember
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